Version 2.2.1 - mainnet environment - view smart contract


It's not possible to create a platform like this alone without the help of talented individuals. Thanks to the entire programming community for offering services and creating packages. Cheers!

Smart contracts

Using Dero Ecosystem to provide reliable dApp infrastructure.


The platform is hosted using Cloudflare Workers. It's so fast and the data is replicated on multiple servers worldwide automatically. Perfect for this use case.


I'm using Supabase to store all data from each smart contracts. Super easy to use and automatically create the backend api right away.


The interface is using ReactJS. In my opinion, the best JS library for creating user interfaces.

Free SVG Background by BGJar


All icons are from

Web technology

I'm also using various web technology like HTML, CSS, Javascript and many more. Check out all of them at

Programming languages

Using multiple types of programming language to support the dApp. Javascript (Typescript), Python, DVM Basic


NPM is the package manager for Node.js.

@supabase/supabase-js, @tweenjs/tween.js, await-to-js, classnames, dayjs, dero-rpc-bridge-api, itty-router, js-cookie, js-sha3, mime, nanoid, normalize.css, query-string, react, react-helmet, react-hook-form, react-router-dom, reset-css


List of other packages that I use for developing the website.

@cloudflare/workers-types, @types/js-cookie, @types/mime, @types/react, @types/react-helmet, autoprefixer, chokidar, dotenv, esbuild, esbuild-plugin-filelastmodified, esbuild-style-plugin, miniflare, postcss-preset-env, sass, ts-node, yargs

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