Version 2.2.1 - mainnet environment - view smart contract



  • A Daemon node
  • Your own CLI wallet
  • The Dero Bridge Chrome extension

Setup a node (daemon)

You can always use a remote node or setup your own by following the instruction from official Dero documentation page: Windows Linux

Setup your CLI wallet

You need a registered wallet with funds to participate. Follow the instruction on how to register your own wallet: Windows

You wallet must have the RPC enabled. `--rpc-server --rpc-login=user:password`

Do not use your main wallet when playing the lottery. The smart contracts uses a ringsize of 2 because it needs to know who sign and won the lottery. You should put funds that you want to play on another wallet. Use this wallet to sign the smart contract transactions. Afterwards, you can always send the funds back to your main wallet and keep the anonyma by using a bigger ring size :)

Install and connect the chrome extension

Install Chrome extension from the chrome web store here
Install from open source repository here
Do not install any version that is not from this page. This is the official app and the rest are scams.

Enter the Daemon RPC address Enter the Wallet RPC address You will see `connected` if the connection was successful You can enter the wallet rpc user/password to connect

The Dero Bridge extension is Open Source!

Particate in the lottery

Click the `Buy ticket` button on the lottery of your choice and sign the transaction.

Claim your reward

If a lottery has been drawn and you're the winner. You have to claim your reward to receive the prize. Click the `Claim reward` button and sign the transaction.